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Why to purchase


Filookup™ is a commercial software and freely downloadable version is provided for evaluation purposes only. It has therefore the following limitations that will be removed once the software has been purchased:

  • Only 1 (one) database can be created at the predefined location

  • Only 5 (five) discs could be added to the database and searched

Apart from the limitations removal, registered users of the Filookup software are eligible for:

  • Free of charge minor updates (1.x) of the Filookup software

  • Technical support

  • Discounts when purchasing new major versions of the Filookup software




  Number of licenses (n)

Price (USD)  


  Single computer license



  2 - 19



  20 and more





How to purchase



In order to purchase the software do the following:

  • Click here to go to the ordering page

  • Follow instructions on the ordering page to proceed with the purchase

  • After successful purchase you will receive an e-mail with attached key file Filookup.xkey

  • Close the Filookup software if it is running

  • Save Filookup.xkey file to the folder where the Filookup software has been installed (default: C:\Program Files\Analinx\Filookup\ )

  • Launch the software and enjoy its full capabilities.

Important: In some cases (when it is impossible to deliver the key by e-mail) you will be given a link to download the key yourself. Make sure, that when you save the key to the software folder, its file name is Filookup.xkey  (some undesired extensions could be added to the file name by your operating system).



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